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About Us

As the owner of Sunwest Studio, I have been photographing professionally for thirty four years- specializing in commercial photographic illustration. I lived and worked in a loft studio in Manhattan, New York for twenty five years, and shot for International clients all over the place. I am a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Hollywood and have taught photography at the acclaimed center for the Media Arts in New York. Photography has always been my life, and now that I’ve returned to my native California, I’ve put together a group of creative staff to create quality photographic images.

Our goal is to create beautiful photos and to have fun doing it. We like to get to know you and your style and interests. We can incorporate all this in the photo session so it’s personal the real deal. No two photo sessions are alike, each one is as different as the people we photograph.

Believe it or not some people actually like having their photos taken (usually the beautiful people) but us ordinary folks not so much. We’re going to change that, we’ll make it fun, relaxing and best of all- the best photo’s of you ever!

Why? Because we love what we do it’s not just a job. Every aspect from creating a great Business image that will help promote and grow your business, to capturing the love of your family you’ll proudly display in your home. Our staff will assist you all the way to making sure you get what you want and it fits in your budget.



This is an important time in the life of your family. You are about to experience your child becoming a High School Senior. To celebrate this time, let SunWest Studio create memorable portraits. Here at SunWest, we specialize in both traditional and contemporary styles that please both parents and Seniors. Our unique studio offers both indoor and outdoor sets in our custom back lot. Each Senior Session is unique at SunWest. We make it easy and fun to make lasting memories. Go to your school’s photographer for the yearbook pose, but schedule a real photo session at Sunwest Studio at a time that is convenient for you. You have a choice. We photograph Seniors throughout the school year, not just in the rush of summer when the yearbook deadlines make it mandatory to have your photos taken. Relax, we like to photograph seniors in the summer before returning to school, however your Senior will change in the months ahead. So take this opportunity to get the very best in quality and service at SunWest Studio. Check our website for prices, clothing suggestions & cool ideas to make your portraits the best. If you schedule before November 1st, we will include a mobile app gallery of photos free with your order. We offer print packages and galleries to fit all budgets and will help you get exactly what you’re looking for.


SunWest Studio