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High School Senior FAQ’s

The Truth!
Where should I go for Senior Portraits? This is one of the most confusing parts of senior portraits. Your school tells you to go to the recommended photographer, yet you get bombarded with mailings from other studios. So here you have it. The only thing you have to do with the school photographer is a headshot for the yearbook. You do not have to purchase anything or do anything additional its your choice where to go! So choose a professional studio that will offer you the most creative photos, in the style you like.

Sunwest Studio offers lifestyle senior photos to capture the REAL YOU! So for ALTERNATIVE SENIOR PHOTOS (not just the boring yearbook seniors from all over) choose SUNWEST STUDIO! We offer a mobile app so you can share your photos with your friends!

Photo Session Info:

You’ll be happy with your photos if you follow these simple rules.


Accessories add to the photos. Bring hats, scarves, jewelry, belts, purses, shoes, boots, sunglasses, and anything to personalize your outfits. Or choose from our collection of accessories.


Personal props show the real you. Some popular choices are: Sports equipment, musical instruments, dance wear, surf/skate boards, swim team, hobbies, collectables, posters, and books. Remember to bring in all the gear head-to-toe! Ex: (Football helmut, shoes, uniform, shoulder pads)

Be Different:

Bring something unique, one outfit that represents your wild side!! Be colorful! Be fashionable! Be a little crazy! Be the real you!

Preparing for your session:

We recommend makeup for the girls and a clean shave for guys. No sunburns or chipped nail polish! Your hairstyle is part of your style, so don’t make any changes you might not like.

Arrange your outfits. Group them together on hangers so they won’t arrive wrinkled. Bring all accessories in a separate bag.

Arrive on time and plan to have tons of FUN!

Many Seniors want beach, location, pool photos or photos with their horse. Ask about our Extended Session that includes locations.

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